Season Apple, owner and sole psychotherapist, has a special interest in the family system and how that affects each individual. This includes psychotherapeutic treatment of couples, parents and their children. The goal going into each session with each client is to help them feel, think and act more positively and have an overall improved quality of life than when they originally came in for their inital assessment. The therapeutic relationship is one of the most important things when engaging in the counseling process which means the primary focus is to aid each client in handling stress and daily challenges. It can be difficult but with support it is absolutely attainable.

Season has specific experience in treating symptoms of Autism, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, relationship issues, anxiety disorders and can treat children as young as 3, adolescents, couples and adults.
Season has a down to earth and approachable personality that lends itself to those clients willing to be open and truly work on the problems that are inhibiting better quality of life or overall happiness. The practice is on a quiet street with ample parking, bright lighting outside and direct entry into the therapy suite.


Season has over 15 years of experience working directly with children diagnosed with Autism, developmental delays, ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Depression, Tourette Syndrome, Reactive Attachment Disorder, victims of abuse, trauma and mental retardation. Our therapeutic approach is eclectic in the fact that it is individualized not just based on the child's diagnosis but their personality and strengths that make them who they are. It is important to Season that younger clients feel safe, secure and comfortable to share their feelings and thoughts. Play therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, narrative therapy and solution-based therapy is used to help children learn to accept their differences and gain coping skills in order to be as successful in their everyday life as possible. Becoming more confident socially, academically and within their own immediate family are all significant goals within the practice.


As individuals age, their overall mental health sometimes becomes an after thought and we don't always do a great job of keeping ourselves healthy, not just physically but emotionally as well. Apple Therapy Services treats adults of any age to aid them to better cope with daily struggles and challenges as well as those with long histories of behavioral health issues. Bipolar Disorder, Depression, anger management as well as general family conflicts.


Apple Therapy Services helps families and couples work through conflicts and relational issues that may be impacting their daily lives. Our relationships with others is so important to feel loved and secure and if they are not healthy, they will cause stress and struggling that can overpower our everyday functioning. By receiving therapy to deal with these conflicts by a professional, it can decrease these conflicts and increase the communication we need to have healthy relationships with others.


Is your partner not as connected as they used to be? Do you feel distant or have issues expressing your feelings to your partner or loved one? Apple Therapy Services is here to help with these problems!! We will be holding 3 hour workshops for both couples and families focusing on improving communication and increasing overall relationship satisfaction. Workshops are $225 for a 3 hour session. Please visit our website at to complete an interest form or call at (484) 680-6243.